Exodus 12:29-42

Key Verse(s):

Exodus 12:31–32 (HCSB)

31 He summoned Moses and Aaron during the night and said, “Get up, leave my people, both you and the Israelites, and go, worship Yahweh as you have asked. 32 Take even your flocks and your herds as you asked and leave, and also bless me.”


The final plague strikes Egypt, and “there wasn’t a house without someone dead.” (Exodus 12:30) In the night Pharaoh summons Moses and Aaron and tells them to leave Egypt, along with all the Israelites, and livestock. I like how The Message translates Pharaoh’s capitulation:

Exodus 12:31-32 (MSG)

31 Pharaoh called in Moses and Aaron that very night and said, “Get out of here and be done with you—you and your Israelites! Go worship GOD on your own terms. 32 And yes, take your sheep and cattle as you’ve insisted, but go. And bless me.”

It is even interesting how Pharaoh, at the end of this statement, asks to be blessed. There does not seem to be a transformation in Pharaoh, or the Egyptians in general, other than some sort of belief that God does have power. This seems to be simply a demand for favor in return for his finally relenting.

The Egyptian people are equally eager to have the Israelites leave Egypt. As foretold in Exodus 3:22, the Israelites “plunder” Egypt by simply asking for silver and gold items, and clothing. And in the end the Israelites walk out of Egypt, not in the dark of night trying to sneak away, or in terror, or in shame, but as a rich, both spiritually and materially, people. God has fulfilled His prophecy from Genesis 15:13-14.


Lord, thank You for rescuing us! Just as You rescued the Israelites out of Egypt, You have done the same for us, from our own sin and death. I pray that no matter where we might be in our enslavement, just like the Israelites suffered for 430 years, that we would continue to seek and follow You. I pray for the will and strength to walk out of sin, out of enslavement, when You call us to. Amen.


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