Exodus 14:5-14

Key Verse(s):

Exodus 14:14 (HCSB)

14 The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet.”


Pharaoh has a, “What did I just do,” type moment as he receives an update on the Israelites departure. So his heart is hardened yet again, and he takes his mighty army and pursues the Israelites, eventually overtaking them where they camp along the coast of the Red Sea.

The reaction of the Israelites upon seeing the Egyptian army is of note. Just like Pharaoh, they suddenly seem to forget the 10 plagues God had just accomplished in Egypt. For Pharaoh this results in him chasing after the Israelites, continuing his defiance against God, his power struggle, which has so far been completely lop-sided. For the Israelites it means fear over taking them, a lack of trust and faith in the God that had brought them triumphantly out of the land of Egypt, out of the control of their enslavers. It is so striking that they actually give Moses a, “Told you so,” and say it would have been better for them to have stayed enslaved! (Exodus 14:12)

But Moses, with strong faith, and confident in God, tells his people, essentially, “Don’t be afraid. God’s got this.” And Exodus 14:14 should remain on our minds today, and stand as a command for us, as it surely as it did for the Israelites at that moment. We need to “be quiet”, “be silent”, “stay calm”, or “be still” as other translations state it. And this is not a soothing suggestion by Moses, this is a command, sort of like him telling the Israelites, “Shut up!” The Israelites hope is not in themselves, but in God. They need to stop and be quiet, and witness the power of God deliver them.

Are we any different today? We are so busy, so noisy, so consumed with fixing our problems and tackling the challenges we face… do we shut up, wait, and listen for God? Do we stop and allow Him to win the battle? Are we allowing God to fight for us?


Lord, thank You for fighting for us, or at least being the God that will, and does, do so. I pray for myself to stop and shut up, to let You step forward, to fight on my behalf. Too often I lose sight of You in the midst of challenges, I pray that I don’t. Give me the faith of Moses, standing on the shore of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian army closing in. The faith that does not falter, but remains strong in You, and gives You control. Amen.


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