Exodus 14:15-31

Key Verse(s):

Exodus 14:30 (HCSB)

30 That day the Lord saved Israel from the power of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore.


This pericope describes one of the best known Bible stories: the parting of the Red Sea. Pay attention to the progression of events though.

The Egyptians have closed in on Israel. God move the pillar of cloud and fire from in front of the Israelites, to behind them, in between Egypt and Israel. Not only was God preparing to lead Israel out safely, saving them yet again, and destroy the Egyptian army, thereby glorifying Himself via His power, but He protects His people in the interim.

I have read attempts to explain the parting of the Red Sea naturalistically, but I think those attempts undermine the real nature of what happens here. However God used the wind, and tides, and whatever else may have been happening at the time, the real issue here is His mastery over His creation, and His power to do as He wills. The imagery of two walls of water with a dry path cut between them bolsters that, and we should not try to explain it away naturally.

Finally, after Israel crosses through the Red Sea safely, God confounds the Egyptians, resulting in their death, being swept away into the waters returning to its normal state. Even in the middle of this, the Egyptian soldiers apparently came to the realization that God is more powerful than Pharaoh, or their own false gods, and try to flee. Note that they do not come to worship God, repent, or anything that might actually save them… they try to run from God. It is a little mind-boggling how the evening before, when a giant pillar of fire and cloud comes between them and Israel, not allowing them to attack Israel, there is not this realization that they are dealing with God. But I suppose that can be said in all ages: despite all the clear evidence of God all around us and throughout history, there is a hardening, a decided ignorance, towards God.

So in the end, God has delivered the slaves of Egypt, what must surely have been a most woefully armed army, and destroys the army of the greatest nation known at the time. This is God’s glory, no man’s. Israel did nothing except follow, and even then with complaints. God saves and delivers, and metes out His justice, all perfectly.


Lord, thank You for delivering us through the waters, parted by Your hand. I pray for anyone that comes against You to realize before they are trapped in the rushing waters. Protect us and lead us, and give us the ability to follow You. Amen.


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