Leviticus 7:1-10

Key Verse(s):

Leviticus 7:6 (HCSB)

Any male among the priests may eat it. It is to be eaten in a holy place; it is especially holy.


In this pericope we read the priestly instructions concerning the restitution offering. The offering is essentially the same as the sin offering, as is stated in Lev 7:7, in that the meat is to be eaten by the priests, with the sacrificing priest being the one who receives the meat.

We might also note the following additions:

  1. The fat is the focus of the restitution offering, presumably because it is prized more than the remaining meat. Therefore, the fat portions are dedicated to God and burned up, “as a fire offering to the Lord.” (Lev 7:4) Another reminder that God should be first, He deserves, and should receive, our best.
  2. Although the restitution offering is not most holy, it is nonetheless especially holy. (Lev 7:1) And as such, it should be eaten in a holy place, and by those chosen by God to be His “holy” representatives. Again, a reminder that what is of God is different, set apart, and holy.
  3. The hide of the sacrificed animal is not burnt up. Instead, it belongs to the officiating priest. There is nothing to suggest this anything other than a practical rule that provides hide for the priestly order. Perhaps there is some sort of relation to the animal coverings fashioned by God in the garden, after Adam sinned, but I don’t see it other than the fact that they both concern atoning for sin.
  4. Lev 7:9-10 is interesting to me. There is a difference presented here between a grain offering that has already been prepared, and that which has not. The prepared grain offering belongs to the officiating priest, while that which is not prepared belongs to all the priests. I’m not real sure there is any practical benefit from this, nor can I think of a spiritual principle. Perhaps there is something to do with the treatment of something which has already been fashioned, or created, versus that which has not? I am not sure, but apparently there is something here that God felt important enough to include in His word!


Lord, thank You for providing. We can look at the Levites, the priestly order, and see that even though You set them aside, You put in place a system where they would be provided for. I pray that we would always remember that You are the source of all we need. Amen.


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