Deuteronomy 11:1-25

Key Verse(s):

Deuteronomy 11:7 (HCSB)

7 Your own eyes have seen every great work the Lord has done.


This pericope continues the theme of encouraging the Israelites to seek after God. In fact, we have almost a repeat of Deut. 10:12 in Deut. 11:13. We should note a few differences, or further details, here though:

  • Deut. 11:7 – “You own eyes have seen every great work the Lord has done.”
    I often think to myself: “Had I been one of the Israelites, I never would have doubted.” I don’t know if that is true in reality, because it apparently took God pointing out that these events, these miracles, were not just tales that the people had heard passed down, these were things they have actually experienced and seen. We may not have seen the Red Sea parted, and walked across the dry land where there was water, but we should absolutely remember the miracles we experience in our lives just the same, and allow them to keep our hearts and minds on God.
  • Deut. 11:16-17 – Don’t forget our provider.
    God has promised the Israelites a pretty sweet deal. The land, through God’s work, will provide for them, apparently without the sort of labor the land had required while they were in Egypt. And although a blessing like this sounds tremendous, we must take care to guard ourselves from what can result in our sinful hearts. We face the same issue today: when things come easy, or we have little trial, we so quickly begin crediting ourselves, we forget the One who makes all things possible and is behind everything we might have given to us. Not only do we shift our worship to those things, but we shift it to ourselves, or whatever other thing we might deem “responsibility” to for our successes.
  • Deut. 11:18-21 – Live God’s word
    I love the imagery of Deut. 11:18. It makes me think of tattooing His word on my heart, mind, and hands. Obviously I don’t think this is a literal tattoo, but the point is to make His word a permanent part of us. Not just to know about it, or even just memorize scripture (as valuable as that is), but to actually make His word
    a permanent part of us. Note only ourselves, but we should be working to implant it in our children. Our desire should not be just for our own salvation, but to spread the gospel message to all, starting with our own family, our own children, as that is where God has blessed us with tremendous influence.


Lord, thank You for both the promise of Your blessings, and the warning of what happens when we separate ourselves from You. I am sorry for worshipping other gods, whether they be myself, money, popularity, whatever. I pray that Your word will dwell in me, and be me, mold me into what You have designed, and envisioned, me to be. Amen.


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