Deuteronomy 16:9-12

Key Verse(s):

Deuteronomy 16:10 (CSB)

10 You are to celebrate the Festival of Weeks to the Lord your God with a freewill offering that you give in proportion to how the Lord your God has blessed you.


The Festival Weeks is the second festival outlined here, after the Passover festival. There is not a lot to the description of the festival, as the passage is only four verses, but there a couple interesting things to note.

  1. The offering here is a “freewill offering”. This is an offering without a specified amount, or a prescribed animal, to offer to God, but instead it is an offering freely given by the individual. Exodus 35:29 describes the freewill offering as something given back to the Lord in thanks for all he has done for us. And the offering is to be “in proportion to how the Lord your God has blessed you.” This appears to be taken in a literal sense, based upon the provision of wealth, livestock, or crops.
  2. This is to be a celebration, a thanks giving. And it should be enjoyed and participated by all. We see in Deut. 16:11 that even children, slaves, and aliens, among others, are included. We should not keep our thanks and praise of God to ourselves, shrouded, it should be shared and shouted to all.

And again, just as Passover, this is a festival to serve as a reminder of God’s provision for his people. Deut. 16:12 reminds the Israelites that they “were slaves in Egypt.” And it reminds us that we were slaves to sin. But God rescued us all.


Lord, thank you for your provision. I don’t deserve your blessing, yet you bless. I don’t deserve your gifts, yet you give. I don’t deserve your salvation, yet you save. I want to return to you what is already yours, what you’ve given to me, in a huge proportion, to honor and praise you. Help me to put you first and honor you. Amen.


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