Deuteronomy 18:1-8

Key Verse(s):

Deuteronomy 18:2 (CSB)

2 Although Levi has no inheritance among his brothers, the Lord is his inheritance, as he promised him.


This passage outlines the provision for the Levites.

Unlike the other tribes who are to be recipients of large swaths of land, the Levites are the ministers, including the priests, to God. But it is interesting to note that rather than a land inheritance, God provides for an inheritance of himself: “the Lord is [the Levites] inheritance.”

The passage goes on to outline some specific ways this is true: verses 3-4 outline specific portions of sacrifices, which are made to God, are to be given to the Levites. Although it would seem that the Levites are at the mercy of the Israelite’s generosity, the real scenario is that God is the one who provides for them.

It would seem there are a couple big things for us to learn from this special relationship between God and the Levites. The reliance on God for our survival is keenly apparent in this example, and it something we should more and more cling on to and be reminded of in a world of autonomy and self-reliance. There is also the illustration of how God uses obedience of his children to fuel his work among his other children. Again, we should be reminded that, although God does not need us, he chooses to work through us, and by extension, what we surrender to him, be it time, money, and ourselves.


Lord, thank you for being our provider, and for working in and through your children to achieve your purposes. What an honor for us to be part of your plan! I pray we would be in a sense like the Levites, surrendered and reliant fully on you, and seeing our purpose as serving you. Amen.


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