First post: Why?

Welcome! This blog is planned to be the place where I share my personal Bible study with the world. Or whoever stumbles across it at least. The plan is to read a pericope from the Bible each day (hopefully), and create a short journal entry. I’ve been doing this sporadically since November of 2013, and more consistently since December 2014.

I follow a few simple conventions:

  • I define a pericope as the text from a “heading to heading”. Most Bibles today have headings inserted by the translation team that ive an idea of the subject of that particular passage of text. I take advantage of the work they have done.
  • I stick with a single translation, which happens to be the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible). No particular reason for it other than I enjoy the translation and it’s what I started with. I did, for a short time, switch to NIV, but headings do not always match, so I decided to stick with one moving forward.
  • I use a very simple format for my daily journal entry. There are plenty you can find via a search, but this has served me well. I have three sections: a “Key Verse”, “Reflection/Application”, and “Prayer”. That’s what every entry of my journal looks like, and I plan to use the same form here.

In the end, my prayer is that something that ends up on this blog is helpful to someone, maybe even me via feedback, because God is all powerful, and can use even my ramblings for His glory and purpose.

God Bless!